Our commitment

Logos & Mythos Press runs all productions through the lenses of integrity, quality, creativity and longevity.

Integrity: All published pieces begin within the brilliant minds of our authors. The worlds, tales and characters within our fiction find their genesis with the writers. The information, tips, suggestions and explanations found within the covers of our nonfiction works come from the extensive research and life experiences of our authors as well. Logos & Mythos Press operates with a Christian worldview and a commitment to the Holy Bible, its commands and values.

Quality: All content must pass through various rounds of revisions, critiques and editing before reaching our readers. Cover designs, formatting and printed products must also pass critical inspections before we present each book for purchase.

Creativity: Logos & Mythos Press is not interested in pop culture, “hot” topics or stories that have been “ripped from the headlines.” Readers deserve fresh, creative stories and helpful, lasting information presented in a creative format. This is what we strive to provide by partnering with creative authors whose distinct voices make them unique.

Longevity: This core value comes as a natural result of the first three. When a company commits itself to operating with integrity to produce high-quality content in the most creative manner for the readers we are and serve, its works will stand the test of time and be as relevant today as tomorrow and as the next century.

Through these four lenses, we commit to “producing quality literature that transcends time.

Our Story

Logos & Mythos Press began in the dreams and imagination of a little girl who loved to read, though she didn’t know what those wonderings could one day produce. That little girl grew up to marry someone who encouraged her to read and write, and they had two little book lovers of their own.

When that word-loving girl finally put doubts and fears aside and pressed on toward publishing, all her dreams came back in a far more vivid vision of a family business.

That vision is Logos & Mythos Press, and that girl is Joy E. Rancatore.

Our Legacy

Lasting love produces an incredible legacy. Thomas G. Kay Sr. and Jane Ramsey Kay proved that. Through their lifetime of love and devotion to one another and to God, they passed down a spiritual legacy to their descendants. While that was certainly their greatest bequeathment, they also sent forth a love of great literature. Through this invisible inheritance and a small tangible one to Joy, one of their ten grandchildren, Logos & Mythos Press achieved its official launch.

Submitted Family Photo

Submitted Family Photo

Our Name

Our Press name reflects our desire to blend logic with creativity. As such all true stories or factual publications must come together creatively while every creative tale or story should stand up to the most intellectual questioning and reasoning.